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A Simple Gesture - SML

Lake Christian Ministries' Pantry Pick-Up Program

About A Simple Gesture

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No Driver? No Problem!

There is a critical need for food in our community as unemployment, illness, and other hardships mount, due to the pandemic. Thank you for your generous help!

Who Are Our Neighbors in Need?

The poverty rate for the counties in the SML area has increased over the last 12 years while the national poverty rate has remained comparatively steady. Sadly, 18.4% of children in Franklin County and 14% of children in Bedford County live in poverty. Poverty has many causes and may be generational or situational.

Lake Christian Ministries’ vision is a poverty-free Smith Mountain Lake community where each individual is valued, is connected, and lives in hope. Lake Christian Ministries serves Neighbors in need through a variety of programs, including A Simple Gesture.

A Simple Gesture meets immediate needs of Neighbors in need by providing food, personal products, and household supplies. You can help!

Giving is not just about making a donation.

It is about making a difference.

Kathy Calvin, President & CEO United Nations Foundation

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