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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items do I put in the tote bag?

Each quarter, LCM will provide a Wish List of items that are in demand and/or hard for to obtain without significant cost. Of course, you may add other non-perishable items (peanut butter, soup, canned meat, diapers, etc.).

Will my one bag make a difference?

Absolutely! A filled bag typically weighs 10-15 pounds and provides necessary items for several families.

How often will A Simple Gesture collections occur?

We have quarterly pick-ups (the first Friday of March, June, August, and November) with occasional emergency collections in times of great need.

Why are Pick-Up Days on Fridays?

This is when LCM pantry volunteers are available to receive, sort, and stock new inventory.

What if I am away on Pick-Up days?

You may drop off your bag at one of our Drop-Off sites or give it to a neighbor who participates in A Simple Gesture. Please don't forget to send an email to to notify your driver!

What if I forget to put out my bag on Pick-Up days?

Hopefully it won't happen often, but if it does, you may drop off your bag at Capps Building Supply at Westlake or LCM (13157 S Old Moneta Road in Moneta).

Who benefits from A Simple Gesture?

Donations are received by Lake Christian Ministries and offered to Neighbors in need. If inventory exceeds their capacity or can be best distributed by another food pantry in the SML area, LCM will share with them. Donors also benefit by becoming more aware of local needs and being personally involved in providing for Neighbors.

Who paid for the tote bags?

We are very grateful to Centra Medical Group - Stroobants Cardiovascular Center for underwriting the costs for A Simple Gesture, including tote bags, printing, and other supplies!

How did A Simple Gesture get started?

Jon Trivers began A Simple Gesture in Paradise, CA, in 2010, modeled after The Ashland Food Project.  Since then, he has been supportive of 80+ communities who have launched their own A Simple Gesture programs. Our program was launched in 2018.

Giving is not just about making a donation.

It is about making a difference.

Kathy Calvin, President & CEO United Nations Foundation

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